system training package includes:

  • two-hour training video: featuring detailed introduction to the system and real-life cases
  • summary cards: a brief summary of the system to help you quickly remind yourself of all the system's rules
  • psychotherapy guide form: will guide you as if you were guided by the system coach herself

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Psychotherapy dropout is a very common and important problem

For many years I've been seeing and hearing how my work colleagues and other psychotherapists struggled with a high ratio of premature therapy termination. Psychotherapy dropout is a very challenging and important problem in our profession. It hurts both us and our patients and clients. For us to lose a patient or a client means a lost opportunity to help that person - the very reason we wanted to become psychotherapists. It also means lost income, that is especially important for those who are starting in this profession or who are starting their own practice for whom every single client is simply someone they cannot afford to lose. For our patients and clients, prematurely terminated therapy may mean that they will never resume it again… though they should.

A system that dramatically lowers the psychotherapy dropout ratio

At the beginning of my career as a psychotherapist, I struggled with an unsatisfying dropout ratio. I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to keep patients and clients in therapy and let them benefit from it. Back then I developed a method that brought me a dramatically lowered dropout ratio. I've been using this system since then on my own. When I realized how needed this know-how is in our profession I decided to make it available for others. Now, thanks to this website, many other psychotherapists from all over the world use this system as well.

What are the system's basic characteristics?

  • It gives a dramatically low dropout ratio, much lower than even the lowest dropout ratio measured by the studies.
  • It is very simple and precise.
  • It guides psychotherapist step by step through the first few sessions on how to work with the patient or client in order to help them stay in therapy.
  • It is designed to respond to different directions that the first few sessions can go. For these possible ways, this system has clearly defined steps and even suggested answers for the therapist to give to the patient or client in order to keep them in therapy.

System's results comparing to psychotherapy dropout studies

You can clearly see how effective this system is when you compare it with available dropout studies. According to the book “How to Fail as a Therapist: 50+ Ways to Lose or Damage Your Patients” by doctor Bernard Schwartz and doctor John V. Flowers, between 20% and 57% of psychotherapy patients do not return after their initial session. Another 37% to 45% of patients only attend therapy twice.

The system I have developed delivers much better results. Only 21.7% of patients do not return after the initial session and only 5.6% (!) only attend therapy twice. So the dropout ratio for the first session is almost equal to the best possible result that you can achieve according to studies. The ratio for the second session, however, is more than 6 times better (!) than top-performers in our profession achieve according to the studies.

The system's dropout ratio for the next four session is even lower, it's at near-zero levels. It's 2.2% for the third session, 3.0% for the fourth one, 1.6% for the fifth one and finally 0.0% for the sixth session.

What will this system give you?

  • Assuming that:
    • your dropout ratio is at the level of top-performers according to the studies
    • and you have 100 new patients and clients per year
  • Using this system you will gain:
    • an additional 23 patients/clients per year that will stay with you for the third and subsequent sessions, generating at least 89 additional sessions
    • more time to build a therapeutic alliance with your patients, to address their doubts about psychotherapy and to reinforce their hope for change

What will you find in the online training package?

  • Two-hour online training video: it features a detailed introduction to the system, its rules and directions on what you should do and tell your patient on each of the first few sessions, real-life cases with detailed explanations how the system was applied and explanations why the system works
  • Summary cards: a brief summary of all you have learned to help you quickly remind yourself of all the system's rules and suggestions
  • Psychotherapy guide form: it is designed to guide you as if you were being guided by the system coach herself; after each session you fill out the form and, depending on the answers you gave, the form will suggest what you should do during the next session, what you should tell your patient or client and what you should focus on
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